Studying for GMAT after getting admission into my target business school

This may seem a little strange, But I am actually studying for GMAT after I have made it into the business school of my choice. I wanted to get my part ime MBA from University of Texas at Austin and I am happy to say that I have accomplished that goal. However, during this process I found out that GMAT may be one of the criteria future employers may use to screen out applicants especially during the on campus recruitment process.
So, once again, I am starting back on my GMAT journey.I only have about a month left before I get involved with my classes. I do believe I have a good plan in place to attack the GMAT. Here are the books I am planning to use:
Verbal Section –
Powerscore Critical Reasoning Bible
Manhattan Sentence Correction – Completed this over the weekend.
Kaplan Verbal Review – Completed the SC section

Tata McGraw hill – Conquering the GMAT – I plan to use this to brush up the basic quant knowledge and formulaes. I remember the last time I took the GMAT, there was a straight question to find the surface area of a cone. It was one of the first questions in the Quant section and I didnt know the formula for it. Dont want to make the same mistake again.

I also want to get through the Official guide for the rest of the sections.
I see that a new section has been added to the GMAT. Since I am short on time, I am going to have to leave out preparation for this section and hope for the best.

Once again, I believe the beattheGMAT forum is a source of great amount of information. I see there are people like me who have tried this and suceeded. It is definitely re-assuring to read experiences of people who are in a similar boat.

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How to tackle Data Sufficiency questions

Hi guys,

I really liked this post on beathegmat forum on how to tackle data Sufficiency questions. Hopefully , this might help someone who missed the original post on the beatthegmat forum . By the way, does anyone have a good link that gives information about prime factorization, I believe it will be crucial part of working through the Maths section.

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Kaplan Verbal Review

I just finished the Kaplan Verbal Review book today and thought I will give my feedback and experiences about the book.

This is the first book I am using to review the content of the Verbal section of the GMAT and I must say that I found the content stimulating and the strategies helpful . I enjoyed going through the foccused strategies and practice questions for different types of questions of the verbal section and was able to apply the strategies learned effectively. As such , I definately think going through this book would help me in increasing my verbal score.

One sidenote.. Going through the beatthegmat forums, I did come across a great tip :For each question you attempt, try to think of the time you spend on it as an investment and aim to get something out of it in terms of new strategies,notes to tackle similar questions in the future. Another tip which has been helping me in Sentence Correction questions is to look at all the different options and actually write down the fault in the wrong answer choices.


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Hi all,
This is my first post on this site. I am starting this blog to share my experiences as I navigate through my journey to crack the GMAT.
A little background.. I have given the GMAT once but to be honest with myself, I really did not give my best effort in the preparation and I know I can do better than the 660 score I have to show for myself.
I have been visiting the beatthegmat forum actively in the past few days and have read quite a few motivating posts from folks who have gone through the phase . It has also helped me in knowing first hand about tips, resources as well as study plans that worked for different people.
Armed with all this knowledge I am hopeful that my next effort would be more fruitful . So, with renewed resolve, here I go….

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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